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With Love | Our Anti-Bullying Music Video Featuring Stevie Jackson


With Love Productions is proud to debut our anti-bully track “With Love.”

Written and directed by: Alessandra

Filmed by: Electric Media Group

Edited by: Anthony Ventolora

Post production consultant: Frank Bologna, Taglio Productions

Choreography by: Tiffany Conliffe, Michelle Vaughn “With Love”

Lyrics by Alessandra

Music by: Katal1st

Performed by: Alessandra featuring Stevie Jackson With Love Productions Inc, and Electric Media Group own the rights to this song.

Boy: Damian Stillinger
Girl: Julisa Gullien
Mean Girl 1: Kira Struchko
Boyfriend: Ricardo Amezquita
Mean Boy 1: Jackson Insalaco
Mean Girl 2: Briana Gonzalez
Mean Boy 2: TJ Howell
Mean Girl 3: Audree Tanyer
Teacher: Debra Bonelli-Farr
DJ: Netza Rodriguez
Photo booth operator: Melvin Rios
Boy’s mother: Alessandra

Dancers: Eddie Baez, Oceanna George, Julisa Gullien, Tiffany Conliffe, Cheyenne Harrison, Alessandra Stillinger

Classmates: Hannah Cadenhead, Hannah Sevigny, Hunter Dent, Taliah Jones, Avery Nestor, Helena Perez, Promise Blake, Dasia Reed, Maliah Tolbert, Zoie Helms, Reahanna Robertson, Vegas Sprouse

Extras: Eden Stillinger, Maxwell Pappas, Lydia Preiner, Maggie Champion, Preston Nance, Noah Maisenbacher, Evalise Peek, Clara Perez, Alexis Echeverria, Josiah Echeverria

Special thanks: Rochelle School of the Arts, Kenneth Evans, Rochelle Grooms, Jeff Luty, Misty Alexander, Julie Ward, Austin Stillinger, Polk County School Board, Marrissa Benjamin, Ben Crespo, Debra Bonelli-Farr, Marissa Pope-Beck, Stevie Jackson, Netza Rodriguez, Melvin Rois, Frank Bologna, Anthony Ventolora, Elisa Stillinger

Thank you to our sponsors: Electric Media Group, Ultimate Dance Center, Publix Charities, Walmart Foundation, Studio Time Media, Misty Alexander Photography, Next Level Entertainment, M&M Backyard Adventures, Taglio Productions, Anthony Ventolora, Stephen Hjort

Filmed on location at Rochelle School of the Arts and Ultimate Dance Center in Lakeland, Florida.

This song/video is dedicated to those who have ever been bullied. Always believe in yourself, and never apologize for being you. You are more than enough. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
“They knock you down and you rise above, we’ll show them all just what you’re made of.”

-With Love,

About us


General Information
Founded in 2010 by Alessandra Stillinger & Alicia Fields
With Love Productions is a not-for-profit, non-partisan, volunteer-based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing a unique, live musical/theatrical experience to the Polk County community. Our mission is to fill the eyes and ears of the people to captivating and awe-inspiring artists and their artistry while raising awareness for different charitable causes. Our vision is to bring a passion for life and love to the community with art.
· Obtain and sustain financial stability through sponsorships and personal donor support to help maintain long-lasting success
· Build a performance repertoire of approximately 40-50 volunteers. (25-30 dancers, 10 makeup /hair stylists, 10 technicians)
· Produce an entertaining, unique, and memorable musical/theatrical experience in which the Polk County community can take part and thoroughly enjoy
· Donate 25% of show’s proceeds to charity.
· Recruit more talented volunteers who wish to serve and entertain the community through our organization
· Continue to build and maintain relationships with dedicated patrons to secure financial stability
· Illicit and maintain the community’s desire for local musical theatre
· Establish and secure a sustainable business model that will enable With Love Productions to produce more musical/theatrical performances in the future
  • Our vision is to bring a passion for life and love to the community with art.

Meet the Directors of With Love Productions Inc.

Bios: Meet the Directors

Alessandra Stillinger- Founder/Creative Director

Alessandra Stillinger- Founder/Creative Director

Alessandra Stillinger- Founder/Creative Director

Born in Queens, New York Alessandra Stillinger was a little girl who dreamed of being on stage, and had a deep love for performing. As a child she took private voice lessons, as well as dance lessons in NY, and later on in Lakeland Florida when her parents relocated when she was 6. She went to Harrison School of the Visual and Performing arts where she was a vocal major until her junior year. She then became home schooled and graduated early so she could moved back to, NYC, where she was offered a development deal with an up and coming record label. After the events of 9/11 the deal fell through and she moved back to Florida to be with her high school love. In 2001 she was named Miss. Greater Good of Lakeland and went on to compete in the Miss. Jr. Florida pageant. After she married her high school love in 2006, she attended cosmetology school, and became a licensed cosmetologist in 2008. In 2009 she felt the need to reach out and spread her love for the arts in local events including The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Downtown Lakeland’s First Friday and other events in the Lakeland area.

With Love Productions Inc.
In the summer of 2009 along with Alicia Nobles they started developing the possibility of starting new in the Lakeland Art Community. All projects were put on hold when Alessandra found out she was pregnant with her first child, Damian, who was born in August 2010. Feeling more inspired and motivated by the birth of her son, Alessandra steam rolled the start of With Love Productions Inc. as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with Alicia as co-founder. Since it’s creation WLP has consistently showed that they can deliver a high-energy, entertaining, crowd pleasing performances with a wide scope of talented individuals. As well as performing at various events/venues in the area including; PlatformArt, Downtown Lakeland’s Zombiefest & first Friday, Orlando Weekly’s Zombieball, Rocky Horror Picture Show pre-show at the Historic Polk Theater, Polk Pride etc, WLP each year has had a nearly sold out summer production. Each year WLP donates to charities both local and national, which include American Behcet’s Disease Association, Heartland for Children, and Florida Guardian Ad Litem. In 2014 Alessandra introduced a new division of WLP, an all female dance troupe called Bella Vixen Dance Co. The Vixens were handpicked from the pool of many volunteers that have danced with WLP in past seasons to form this elite dance team. “With the introduction of Bella Vixen Dance Co, I look forward to many opportunities it will bring for WLP. Along with the amazing guest choreographers we have involved this season, I know it will be our best year yet!” -Alessandra


Alicia Nobles- Co-founder

Alicia Nobles- Co-founder/Artistic Director

Alicia Nobles- Co-founder/Artistic Director

Alicia has always had a love for dance and musical theater. She went to Harrison School of the Visual and Performing arts where she graduated from the dance department in 2006. While in high school she also trained in Modern and Ballet at Florida Dance Theatre under Carol Erkes and Ferdinand Dejesus where she was an original member of FDT2, a youth company. Alicia also attended intensives with the Paul Taylor Dance Company in New York City. After she graduated She went on to study dance education at the University of Southern Mississippi. Alicia has been in many productions including two different versions of the Nutcracker, the Rocky Horror picture show, and performed many original pieces under different directors. Prior to moving to Mississippi, she was teaching at Art in Motion and recently married her high school sweetheart. Alicia co-founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit production company With Love Productions with her partner Alessandra Stillinger, excited to be able to work with her best friend, other artists in the community and be as creative as she always wanted to be. In late 2013 Alicia resigned from WLP as Artistic Director and moved to Mississippi with her husband.


Hailey Stuart – Technical Director

Hailey Stuart - Technical Director

Hailey Stuart – Technical Director

Hailey is a junior at Florida Southern College and is currently pursuing double majors in Psychology and Criminology and a minor in Technical Theatre. Hailey studied musical theatre at Broadway Artists Alliance in New York, attended Harrison School for the Arts and is a former member of the Florida Dance Theatre junior dance company. She also participated in community theatre with Lakeland Community Theatre and the Hardee County Players. While attending Florida Southern College, she assisted in various roles as a theatre technician including lighting, set design, and props in several of their productions. Hailey is very excited to be the Technical Director for With Love Productions.


Rachel Ford – Assistant Technical Director

Rachel Ford - Assistant Technical Director

Rachel Ford – Assistant Technical Director

Rachel has been performing her whole life. Growing up close to New York City she joined choir and started taking vocal lessons. Having a speech impediment gave her the edge to be cast as the roll of Molly, in “Annie.” She started taking speech lessons and joined musical theater which lead her to dance. A first time dancer she discovered a talent that she loved. In 2010 she moved to Lakeland and quickly started investing her time in local arts. She volunteered with Lakeland Community Theater, WLP and Just Fierce Productions, she tried everything from choreography to business. She was honored to be invited to the team at WLP in the fall of 2013. Rachel is grateful to be working with the fellow members of WLP and looks things to come.


Jessica Curry – Chief Marketing Officer

Jessica Curry - Chief Marketing Officer

Jessica Curry – Chief Marketing Officer

I’m Jessy, I am Lakeland native. I started dancing in 5th grade at Rochelle School of the Arts. After Rochelle I was accepted to Harrison where I continued my dance training. I was usually in the back, sometimes behind a curtain. True story. I’ve been in countless Nutcrackers, my favorite part was playing Regina George in the party scene, the playbill said “Clara’s Friend” but we all know who I was. When I was 18 I started dancing at Disney, until I figured out dance is cheap and I like expensive things. I started college at Florida Southern and graduated with a BS in Advertising and Public Relations. I’ve been involved with local non-profits around Lakeland for a few years now and stumbled upon WLP. Last year I was a principle dancer with WLP, you saw me A LOT. This year I’ll be more behind the scenes, utilizing that oh so expensive degree. This year has already proven very exciting with WLP and I look for to more to come!