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With Love | Our Anti-Bullying Music Video Featuring Stevie Jackson


With Love Productions is proud to debut our anti-bully track “With Love.”

Written and directed by: Alessandra

Filmed by: Electric Media Group

Edited by: Anthony Ventolora

Post production consultant: Frank Bologna, Taglio Productions

Choreography by: Tiffany Conliffe, Michelle Vaughn “With Love”

Lyrics by Alessandra

Music by: Katal1st

Performed by: Alessandra featuring Stevie Jackson With Love Productions Inc, and Electric Media Group own the rights to this song.

Boy: Damian Stillinger
Girl: Julisa Gullien
Mean Girl 1: Kira Struchko
Boyfriend: Ricardo Amezquita
Mean Boy 1: Jackson Insalaco
Mean Girl 2: Briana Gonzalez
Mean Boy 2: TJ Howell
Mean Girl 3: Audree Tanyer
Teacher: Debra Bonelli-Farr
DJ: Netza Rodriguez
Photo booth operator: Melvin Rios
Boy’s mother: Alessandra

Dancers: Eddie Baez, Oceanna George, Julisa Gullien, Tiffany Conliffe, Cheyenne Harrison, Alessandra Stillinger

Classmates: Hannah Cadenhead, Hannah Sevigny, Hunter Dent, Taliah Jones, Avery Nestor, Helena Perez, Promise Blake, Dasia Reed, Maliah Tolbert, Zoie Helms, Reahanna Robertson, Vegas Sprouse

Extras: Eden Stillinger, Maxwell Pappas, Lydia Preiner, Maggie Champion, Preston Nance, Noah Maisenbacher, Evalise Peek, Clara Perez, Alexis Echeverria, Josiah Echeverria

Special thanks: Rochelle School of the Arts, Kenneth Evans, Rochelle Grooms, Jeff Luty, Misty Alexander, Julie Ward, Austin Stillinger, Polk County School Board, Marrissa Benjamin, Ben Crespo, Debra Bonelli-Farr, Marissa Pope-Beck, Stevie Jackson, Netza Rodriguez, Melvin Rois, Frank Bologna, Anthony Ventolora, Elisa Stillinger

Thank you to our sponsors: Electric Media Group, Ultimate Dance Center, Publix Charities, Walmart Foundation, Studio Time Media, Misty Alexander Photography, Next Level Entertainment, M&M Backyard Adventures, Taglio Productions, Anthony Ventolora, Stephen Hjort

Filmed on location at Rochelle School of the Arts and Ultimate Dance Center in Lakeland, Florida.

This song/video is dedicated to those who have ever been bullied. Always believe in yourself, and never apologize for being you. You are more than enough. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
“They knock you down and you rise above, we’ll show them all just what you’re made of.”

-With Love,

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